Speaker of the Saudi Shoura Council Visits Jordanian King in Amman

Speaker of the Saudi Shoura Council Visits Jordanian King in Amman

RIYADH: Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Asheikh, the Speaker of the Saudi Arabian Shoura Council, visited Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Tuesday. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the topic of discussion at the meeting—which was attended by Crown Prince Hussein—was “the historical fraternal relations between the two countries, their people, and their leaders.” The parties also discussed the significance of continuing to work together on matters of shared interest and how to increase cooperation in several areas, particularly legislative affairs.

After receiving an invitation from Ahmed Safadi, the speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives, Al-Asheikh led a group to Jordan. The two speakers spoke about ways to improve relations in other areas and to strengthen parliamentary collaboration in a separate discussion. Al-Asheikh expressed his gratitude to his hosts for the kind greeting and hospitality they showed his delegation.

“The purpose of this visit is to further the parliamentary cooperation between the two councils and to align with the goals of the two countries’ leadership to enhance bilateral relations and explore new avenues for cooperation that benefit their respective populations and nations,” the speaker stated. Safadi noted the strong relations between the two countries and the high level of coordination between the Shoura Council and the Jordanian House of Representatives.

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