Stargazers: Jeddah’s Al-Balad Hosts Educational Session on Ramadan Moon

Stargazers: Jeddah’s Al-Balad Hosts Educational Session on Ramadan Moon

A Night of Discovery: Exploring Ramadan’s Lunar Connection

In Jeddah’s Historic District, Al-Balad, a captivating blend of tradition and modernity unfolds during Ramadan. Stargazers gather for an educational session under the night sky, delving into the profound relationship between the lunar calendar and the sacred month.

Guided by Experts: Peering Through State-of-the-Art Telescopes

Locals and tourists gather on a serene Sunday evening to peer through state-of-the-art telescopes, guided by seasoned astronomy experts. As they gaze at distant celestial bodies, attendees marvel at the intricate details of the cosmos.

Stargazers-Bridging Astronomy and Culture: Insights Into Ramadan Traditions

Lunar Phases and Fasting: Understanding the Significance

Discussions at the event delve into the significance of the moon’s phases in marking the rhythm of fasting and prayer during Ramadan. Participants gain insights into the cultural and astronomical aspects intertwined in the observance of the holy month.


Celebrating Saudi Heritage: Ministry of Culture’s Initiative

Showcasing Tradition: Events Organized to Highlight Heritage

The Ministry of Culture organizes these events to showcase Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and commitment to cultural preservation. Through immersive experiences like stargazing sessions, the nation proudly celebrates its enduring traditions.

Al-Balad’s Ramadan Festivities: A Vibrant Tapestry

Culinary Delights and Cultural Workshops: An Evening in Al-Balad

During Ramadan, Al-Balad transforms into a vibrant hub of activity, offering over 30 zones filled with culinary delights, traditional performances, and bustling markets. Visitors engage in cultural workshops and savor delectable cuisine, immersing themselves in the spirit of Ramadan.

Spaces for Young Explorers: Nurturing Curiosity

A dedicated section for children sparks wonder and curiosity, offering interactive exhibits and educational activities. Young minds embark on a journey of exploration, connecting the traditions of Ramadan with the marvels of the cosmos.

Illuminating Ramadan in Al-Balad

Reverence and Celebration: A Convergence of Tradition and Innovation

As the night unfolds in Al-Balad, a sense of reverence blends with joyous festivities, illuminating the path of cultural heritage during Ramadan. Stargazers and seekers of knowledge unite in their quest for understanding, celebrating the sacred month under the starlit sky.

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