Mozn Celebrates Successful Conclusion of Leap 2024: Unveils New Partnerships and Innovations

Mozn Celebrates Successful Conclusion of Leap 2024: Unveils New Partnerships and Innovations

Mozn, renowned as a regional leader in enterprise AI technologies, left an indelible mark at LEAP 2024, a prestigious global technology event, by showcasing its cutting-edge AI solutions and announcing a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in Mozn’s journey towards advancing digital humanity through the power of artificial intelligence.

Revolutionizing AI Capabilities: Unveiling OSOS and FOCAL

At LEAP 2024, Mozn unveiled its state-of-the-art AI offerings, including OSOS and FOCAL, designed to revolutionize AI-powered capabilities across various industries. OSOS, Mozn’s generative AI marvel tailored for the Arabic language, garnered praise for its ability to understand and interpret the linguistic nuances of Arabic, catering to the specific needs of regional markets. Additionally, FOCAL, Mozn’s comprehensive AI-powered platform, was lauded for redefining fraud prevention and compliance strategies across sectors.

Mozn-Strategic Collaboration with Google Cloud

The highlight of Mozn’s participation at LEAP 2024 was the announcement of its collaboration with Google Cloud, marking a significant milestone in the company’s trajectory. This partnership positions Mozn as one of the first Saudi Arabian tech companies to join forces with Google Cloud, emphasizing its dedication to driving innovation on a global scale. Through this collaboration, Mozn aims to leverage the expansive reach of the Google Cloud Marketplace, making its flagship FOCAL platform accessible to organizations worldwide.


Empowering Organizations with AI Solutions

Malik Alyousef, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Mozn, expressed the company’s commitment to advancing digital humanity through artificial intelligence. He highlighted the significance of the collaboration with Google Cloud in furthering Mozn’s mission. By making the FOCAL platform available through the Google Cloud Marketplace, Mozn aims to empower organizations globally with cutting-edge AI solutions, fostering innovation and driving positive change.

Commitment to Technology Innovation

Mozn’s participation at LEAP 2024 underscores its unwavering commitment to technology innovation and its pivotal role as a catalyst for digital transformation. Through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking AI technologies, Mozn continues to shape the future of enterprise AI, driving positive change in the digital landscape. As the company forges ahead, it remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI innovation and delivering impactful solutions to address evolving market needs.

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