When Hajj Pilgrims get to Arafat, they Attend the Yearly Sermon.

When Hajj Pilgrims get to Arafat, they Attend the Yearly Sermon.

ARAFAT: This year’s Hajj pilgrims arrived in Arafat early on Saturday morning, the ninth day of Dul Hijjah, amid stringent security and health precautions. They then attended the yearly Hajj sermon at Namirah Mosque.

The pilgrims in the tent city of Mina prayed at dawn and set out to travel to Arafat, the site of Prophet Muhammad’s last sermon delivered over 144 years ago. Nothing was louder on Saturday than the chanting prayers from the crowd. The 63-year-old Indonesian pilgrim Ansarul-Haq Rasheed sincerely wished to offer prayers to Allah for an extended period.

He told News, “I wish time could pause so I could continue praying to Allah with all my heart.” “These are priceless moments. I want to reveal all of my feelings to my all-knowing creator. I ask for His blessings for everything I need both now and in the afterlife.

As he gave thanks for the services offered to pilgrims, he thought back on the experience of the pilgrimage. He contrasted it with tales he had heard about the roughly 45-year-old Hajj of his late father. “I wish my father could see how much more comfortable Hajj has become; my mother shared the hardships my father faced during Hajj,” Rasheed remarked. Khadija Yakoubi, a 49-year-old Moroccan pilgrim, was looking forward to a life-changing experience from his journey.

“Life unavoidably improves and becomes more enjoyable after all sins are forgiven. Yakoubi stated that the services pilgrims have received at the holy sites have been “exemplary,” and that “this feeling motivates pilgrims to continue doing good throughout their lives.

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