G7 Alerts Iran of the Further Acceleration of its Nuclear Program

G7 Alerts Iran of the Further Acceleration of its Nuclear Program

According to a draft declaration, the Group of Seven leaders urged Iran on Friday not to push its nuclear enrichment program and stated they would be prepared to take further action if Tehran transferred ballistic missiles to Russia.

According to the statement seen by Reuters, “We urge Tehran to cease and reverse nuclear escalations, and stop the continuing uranium enrichment activities that have no credible civilian justifications.”

As per a UN nuclear watchdog assessment released on Thursday, Iran has expeditiously built additional uranium-enriching centrifuges at its Fordow plant and initiated the establishment of others.

According to an IAEA yardstick, Iran is currently enriching uranium to up to 60% purity, which is over 90% of weapons grade. If Iran continues to enrich, it will have enough material refined to that level for three nuclear weapons.

As per the G7 statement, Iran needs to hold meaningful discussions and offer persuasive guarantees that its nuclear program is only peaceful. It should also cooperate fully and adhere to the IAEA’s monitoring and verification process, which includes the Board of Governors’ resolution from June 5.

Iran asserts that it is only using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

The leaders threatened to retaliate with strong measures if Iran went through with a plan to supply ballistic missiles to Russia, which would aid Moscow in its conflict with Ukraine.

“We demand that Iran refrain from aiding Russia in the conflict in Ukraine and refrain from transferring ballistic missiles and associated technology, since this would constitute a significant material escalation and a direct risk to the security of Europe,” the statement read.

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