The Creator of ZADK Culinary Academy Talks About its Achievements

The Creator of ZADK Culinary Academy Talks About its Achievements

The non-profit ZADK Culinary Academy has been training the future culinary gurus of the region and breaking records since it formally opened its doors in 2019. It has also cooked up some hearty dishes.

“The Human Resources Development Fund has trusted ZADK, which supported the delivery of diploma courses for 100 male and female chefs and helped 240 others train for a qualifying certificate in the mini cooking program,” said Rania Moualla, the academy’s founder. “ZADK won the Quality Award in Education and Training from the Ministry of Tourism.”

In collaboration with the HRDF, a culinary scholarship program was established in 2023. After the course, every student started working right away.

Training Saudi natives to become certified chefs in line with international standards is the goal. This helps fulfill Vision 2030’s objectives of empowering and supporting youth while maintaining the cultural legacy of Saudi cuisine and the labor market, according to Moualla.

371 chefs have completed their studies at ZADK and received diplomas in culinary arts or other relevant subjects thus far.

Many of them have entered the workforce and are employed by multinational chains of hotels, eateries, and corporate food businesses, according to Moualla.

The Eastern Province’s academy was founded in June 2018 and formally opened its doors in December 2019. Governor of the Eastern Province Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz was among the academy’s first and most ardent supporters.

“When he cut the ribbon and adopted the ZADK logo, which is a camel carrying food, he was the first to believe in the idea and support it,” Moualla added.

According to her, ZADK’s mission is to “prepare young talent to contribute to Vision 2030, support advancement at the social and economic levels; preserve Saudi food culture and showcase it to the world.”

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