AI Signals a New Era in Music and Art, the Riyadh Conference Said Earlier

AI Signals a New Era in Music and Art, the Riyadh Conference Said Earlier

RIYADH: Paul Pacifico, CEO of the Saudi Music Commission, said at a symposium in Riyadh that music has always been at the forefront of applying technical innovation. During Tuesday’s Outer Edge meeting, which took place at The Garage in the Saudi capital, experts discussed how artificial intelligence is affecting the creative sectors.

The forum examined developments associated with Web3, a new phase of the internet powered by blockchain technology, which is tied to cryptocurrencies.

Web3 is anticipated to offer more security and user control over data, which will open up new opportunities for creatives like musicians and artists.

During a panel discussion titled “The Future of Creativity, including Music and Art,” Pacifico stated that musicians have always experimented with every tool they could use.

He stated that artists would experiment with any media or use any instrument to communicate their ideas, using the invention of the piano as an example.

He says artificial intelligence (AI) is a catch-all word for many technologies that center on machines. Pacifico said that AI is already included into many aspects of artists’ professional lives and urged them to investigate it.

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