Experts Talk About Saudi Arabia’s Most Recent Anti-Trafficking Initiative.

Experts Talk About Saudi Arabia’s Most Recent Anti-Trafficking Initiative.

RIYADH: On Wednesday, at a gathering in Riyadh, experts talked about Saudi Arabia’s most recent initiatives to prevent human trafficking.

Attendees from various sectors attended the conference, “Enhancing Cooperation in Combating Trafficking in Persons,” to evaluate anti-human trafficking legislation. It also brought to light prevalent trends and contemporary advancements in human trafficking, as well as practical safeguards and deterrents.

The president of the Human Rights Commission, Hala Al-Tuwaijri, stated, “Our goal at the Saudi National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking is to share experiences and promote coordination to combat human trafficking, prevent its occurrence, lessen its impact on victims, and protect them.”

Al-Tuwaijri forewarned at a panel discussion titled “Normative and International Framework to Combat Trafficking in Persons” that global crises and conflicts provide an ideal setting for traffickers to take advantage of the weak.

Sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic slavery are all considered forms of human trafficking, and they frequently involve women and children. Al-Tuwaijri asserted that human trafficking is an international crime. He continued that the international community can safeguard the weak and defend human rights by cooperating across state boundaries.

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