EU Embassy and Arab News Recognize the Saudi “Horizon” Documentary Creators.

EU Embassy and Arab News Recognize the Saudi “Horizon” Documentary Creators.

RIYADH: The EU Embassy ambassador’s home in Riyadh hosted a special screening of the film “Horizon” to honor the creators of a recently created, highly appreciated documentary on Saudi wildlife.

The National Center for Wildlife and the Saudi Ministry of Media’s Center for Government Communication collaborated to make the new documentary, which was made by the Konoz Initiative. It investigates the kingdom’s distinctive habitats and ecological gems.

The honorary guest was Princess Lamia bint Majed Saud Al-Saud, secretary-general of Alwaleed Philanthropies. Through her work with Alwaleed Philanthropies, Princess Lamia recently announced the launch of Atlai, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform designed to aid in international efforts to stop deforestation.

Yazeed Albader, associate producer of “Horizon,” and Abdullah Alahmari, CEO of Konoz Initiative, were given honorary certificates after the screening. The EU Ambassador to Saudi Arabia made this presentation. Princess Lamia, Christophe Farnaud, and Faisal Abbas, the chief editor of Arab News

“The documentary ‘Horizon’ captures the breathtaking beauty of Saudi Arabia’s diverse natural landscapes and wildlife,” Farnaud stated. European explorers and travelers were drawn to the mysterious allure of much of the Arabian Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia, for centuries.

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