Amid the Gaza Conflict, Saudi FM Demands Sanctions Against Israeli Leaders

Amid the Gaza Conflict, Saudi FM Demands Sanctions Against Israeli Leaders

Prince Faisal bin Farhan, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, has warned that Israel’s war on Gaza is having an impact on the entire Middle East, especially southern Lebanon, and he has encouraged European countries to impose sanctions on Israeli officials who violate international human rights standards.

“What is happening in southern Lebanon right now is a result of further escalation brought on by the situation in the Gaza Strip, which impacts not only the Palestinian issue but the entire region,” he stated on Thursday.

He was participating in a panel discussion at the European Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Madrid with the subject “Wars and shadow wars: What are Europe’s options in the Middle East?”

Prince Faisal emphasized how the international world has remained silent over Israel’s ongoing settlement building in the West Bank, which jeopardizes the peace process in Palestine.

The very least, he continued, that European nations could do was denounce Israel for not keeping its word.

Furthermore, according to the SPA, they ought to act more forcefully, such putting sanctions on officials who break international human rights rules.

He declared that the Palestinian people deserved an independent state that is acknowledged globally and that they had the right to self-determination.

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