Celebrating the 20th Hareed Fishing Festival on Farasan Island

Celebrating the 20th Hareed Fishing Festival on Farasan Island

RIYADH: In anticipation of the 20th Hareed Fishing Festival, which gets underway on Thursday, fishermen from the Jazan area have begun preparing.

The two-day event, called the Farasan Island Festival, honors the art of parrotfish, or hareed, fishing.

It features a variety of tourist attractions, such parasailing, traditional folk dances, and fish-catching competitions—which are challenging since fish have a survival instinct that drives them to hide within reefs.

Traditionally, hareed are captured in nets near the coast. The vividly colored fish vary in size and color as they mature, with the hue corresponding to their gender. Because they have teeth and use them to scrape food off coral reefs, they are said to resemble parrots.

The waters in the area have different fishing seasons. In the past, ladies and children celebrated at her home, and the inhabitants of Farasan paid a visit to recently married couples dressed traditionally.

Along with various old mansions, festival goers will also have the opportunity to explore the heritage sites in Farasan, such as Wadi Matar, Al-Qassar hamlet, and Bait Al-Jarmal.The island is proud of its distinctive cultural legacy, which is centered on historical sailing and pearl-diving adventures.

Jazan Governor Prince Mohammed bin Nasser is launching the event. It is being organized by the island governorate in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture branch for the region.

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