Saudi pupils Investigate the Relationship Between Science and Art.

Saudi pupils Investigate the Relationship Between Science and Art.

In attendance at the opening of the second annual show, which the arts society produced in partnership with Saudi King Abdulaziz University’s Biology Club, were Mohammed Al-Subaih, the organization’s director general, Mona Al-Harbi, the vice dean of the college of science, local artists, and parents. The show offers an artistic expression of scientific inquiry and runs until May 2 at the organization’s Abdul Halim Radwi Auditorium. The purpose of the event is to inspire youngsters to display their originality.

Fif female students displayed their paintings, drawings, and other creations at the event’s opening.

The many bodily systems, the solar system, the human psyche, the natural world, animals, mathematics, computer programming, global warming, and more were among the topics the students selected to study.

Al-Subaih gave the pupils kudos for their efforts. We are presenting this exhibition as part of our mission to promote culture and the arts. We wanted to provide students a place to show off their skills and creative ideas, so we thought sharing this exhibition with the community would be wonderful.

“Participants can engage their creative and analytical minds to forge new connections between ideas and learn about the world through art,” Al-Harbi continued.

“This show aims to unite art and science by giving everybody, including students, a forum to express that aspect of themselves. Our goal is to inspire students to showcase their artistic abilities and produce paintings connected to their studied material.

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