Donations via the e-Zakaty Service Exceed $180 Million.

Donations via the e-Zakaty Service Exceed $180 Million.

Riyadh: As Eid is quickly approaching, Muslims are racing to donate Zakat Al-Fitr, charity donations that must be made at the end of Ramadan before the Eid prayers.

Payment of Zakat Al-Fitr is made on behalf of every family member. It is typically paid in wheat or rice and is a certain sum decided upon by scholars. This custom guarantees that even the most impoverished individuals can partake in the festivities. Since its launch seven years ago, the total amount of zakat funds transferred through the Zakaty e-service has exceeded SR675 million ($180 million), according to a report by the Kingdom’s Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority. Over 249,000 users have used the Zakaty portal.

The service is accessible through the smartphone app Zakaty. Beneficiaries have access to various safe and dependable payment options through banks, SADAD, Apple Pay, Mada, and other secure channels that guarantee prompt and flexible zakat distribution to qualified groups.

The authorities stressed that, among other things, these dependable and effective payment methods guarantee the prompt and adaptable distribution of zakat money to qualified beneficiaries.

Recipients can select from a list of qualifying groups registered with the Social Security agency; the most well-known groups are families with the highest housing need, families headed by divorced women, and families with inmates.

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