Saudi Nonprofits see a 1.4% Increase in Support for the Vision 2030 Objectives.

Saudi Nonprofits see a 1.4% Increase in Support for the Vision 2030 Objectives.

The Saudi Kingdom’s Vision 2030 economic diversification strategy heavily relies on the non-profit sector. In June, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi praised the sector for producing “sustainable impacts” and carrying out “many outstanding projects.”

The National Center “noted the continuous growth witnessed by the non-profit sector, at the level of non-profit organizations, the number of volunteers, and the increase witnessed in the number of technically supervised units in government agencies,” according to the SPA report that highlighted the most recent increase.

The statement said, “The Center highlights the advancements made possible by the collaboration of all stakeholders in the non-profit sector system, as well as the noted advancements in non-profit organization governance.

The sector organizations’ dedication to conformity with the intended development responsibilities is confirmed by their achievement of advanced levels of governance in 2023.

SPA claims that the Center also declared the issuance of rulings against several non-profit groups and individuals. These rulings included four cautions against civil society organizations, four decisions to dismiss members of their boards of directors, and a decision to temporarily bar an employee from working in the industry.

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