Female Students Win the Best Prizes at the University’s Engineering Hackathon.

Female Students Win the Best Prizes at the University’s Engineering Hackathon.

RIYADH: Female student teams won the top three prizes at the Engineering Hackathon 24, which concluded on Wednesday at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Dammam.

The event, which began on April 27, attracted 88 teams of male and female students from the Eastern Province, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

Murad Al-Thubaiti, dean of the university’s College of Engineering, praised students’ high level of participation from across the province and announced that 16 teams were chosen as finalists to present their projects, which covered a wide range of specializations. Team Al-Farahidi won first place with their Aram project, which aims to prevent sleepwalking. The four members were Nada Al-Dosari, Sarah Al-Nami, Manal Al-Tamimi, and Nihal Al-Suhaibani.

Al-Khawarizmi, a team consisting of Fatima Shuwaiheen, Fatima Al-Baik, Hawraa Al-Suwaiket, Walaa Al-Sulays, and Amani Al-Saeedi, won second place for their device that helps isolate cardiac signals from background noise.

Team Al-Battani took third place for their stress-management system for surgeons. It had three members: Hawraa Al-Wael, Dahhouk Al-Sabaa, and Zainab Bou Moza. According to Al-Thubaiti, activities like the hackathon are essential for developing students’ personalities and preparing them for the future.

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