Iran Threatens to “Obliterate” Israel in the Event that Lebanon Attacks

Iran Threatens to “Obliterate” Israel in the Event that Lebanon Attacks

Iran issued a warning on Saturday, stating that if Israel attacked Lebanon, “all Resistance Fronts,” a coalition of Iran and its regional allies, would meet with Israel.

The remarks made by Iran’s envoy to New York coincide with concerns about a potential regional conflict involving Israel and the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, which Iran supports. Since the start of the conflict in Gaza, the two sides have exchanged gunfire almost every day.

This month has seen an increase in these conversations as well as bellicose rhetoric on both sides. After the Israeli military declared that plans for an offensive in Lebanon had been “approved and validated,” Hezbollah retorted that a full-scale confrontation would not spare any part of Israel.

The Iranian delegation stated that it “deems as psychological warfare the Zionist regime’s propaganda about intending to attack Lebanon” in a post on the social media platform X.

However, it stated that “an obliterating war will ensue should it embark on full-scale military aggression.” Everything is on the table, including the complete participation of all Resistance Fronts.

When Hamas Palestinian militants invaded southern Israel in October, the Gaza War broke out.

Iran, a country that supports Hamas, has acknowledged the success of the attack and denied any role in it.

Iran-backed rebels in Yemen have attacked commercial ships in the Red Sea region on multiple occasions, claiming these strikes are acts of sympathy with the Palestinians, in addition to Hezbollah’s operations on northern Israel.

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