The Ceiling of the Delhi Airport Falls Months After Modi Launches the Project

The Ceiling of the Delhi Airport Falls Months After Modi Launches the Project

Months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a renovation project, the roof of a terminal building at New Delhi’s international airport partially collapsed in heavy rains early on Friday, killing one person, according to rescuers.

Online photos appeared to show cars crushed beneath enormous steel beams at the airport’s Terminal 1 departure area. This was one of the many initiatives Modi hailed in March in advance of the nation’s most recent general election.

Airport officials released a statement saying, “A section of the canopy… collapsed around 5 am due to heavy rain since early this morning.”

Only internal flights utilize the terminal. Its departures were canceled until the early afternoon, at which point planes were rerouted to other terminals that were running regularly.

Under Modi, infrastructure development has been given top importance, and one of the nation’s major projects is the Delhi airport, which bears the name of the deceased former prime minister, Indira Gandhi.

“This half-finished terminal was inaugurated in a hurry because of the elections,” the opposition Congress party said in a statement, criticizing Modi. This accident occurred today.

In elections earlier this month, Congress surprised observers and exit polls by denying Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) its total legislative majority, forcing the BJP into a coalition with partners.

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