A Saudi Group Instructs Indonesian Physicians in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

A Saudi Group Instructs Indonesian Physicians in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

The Indonesian Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that Saudi physicians are teaching their Indonesian counterparts pediatric cardiac surgery and assisting in increasing access to juvenile cardiac care in the northwest of the nation.

Under a housing program set up by the Saudi humanitarian organization KSrelief, the 22-member surgical team landed to Adam Malik Central General Hospital in Medan, North Sumatra province, last month.

Last week, they shifted their attention to treating infants with congenital heart disease, which is typically left untreated in Indonesia due to a lack of specialized wards. Initially, they performed free heart surgeries on adult patients.

Every year, an estimated 12,000 Indonesian babies are born with cardiac defects. Merely 50% of them receive treatment for it.

Out of the 12,000 people who come each year, only 6,000 can be accommodated by our physicians and hospitals. Thus, 6,000 youngsters are unfit for care each year, and many of them pass away, according to Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin.

“In order to, first, provide services that we have not been able to provide in certain regions and, second, to speed up our doctors’ specialized training to perform the much-needed procedures, we have been collaborating with foreign institutions willing to send their doctors to Indonesia.”

Surgeons, nurses, perfusionists, and respiratory therapists from the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center in Riyadh and the King Faisal Cardiac Center in Jeddah make up the Saudi team.

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