“Islamophobic Atmosphere” Causes Muslim Professionals to Emigrate From France

“Islamophobic Atmosphere” Causes Muslim Professionals to Emigrate From France

According to a recent book, there is a “climate of Islamophobia” that is driving French Muslims to immigrate to the UK and Canada.

According to The Times on Monday, the writers of “France, Loving It But Leaving It” have likened the phenomena to a “brain drain.”

However, Muslim professionals in France are exchanging one wealthy nation for another, in contrast to a traditional brain drain.

France is home to the largest Muslim community in Europe, making up 7–10% of the 67 million people that live there.

More than seven out of ten Muslims who left France said that racism and prejudice played a part in their departure.

The French government adheres to a secularist doctrine known as laicite, which prohibits the use of religious symbols in the legal, public service, and educational fields.

One of the co-authors of the book, Olivier Esteves, claims that a conflict of ideals results from the fact that many of the Muslims who are departing are among the most pious and professionally ambitious.

The lecturer at the University of Lille pointed out that another factor contributing to the brain drain is the national rally of Marine Le Pen’s popularity. Islam, according to the far-right party, poses an existential threat to French identity.

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