Madinah Buses Prepared to Serve Visitors During Ramadan 2024 in Saudi Arabia

Madinah Buses Prepared to Serve Visitors During Ramadan 2024 in Saudi Arabia

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the Madinah Region Development Authority in Saudi Arabia has announced the successful completion of the “Madinah Buses” project. Set to launch during the upcoming Ramadan (1445 AH/2024), this initiative aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors by alleviating traffic congestion and creating pedestrian-friendly areas near the revered Prophet’s Mosque.

Objectives of the Madinah Buses Project

The Madinah Buses project is a strategic move to address several key challenges in the region. With a focus on improving traffic flow, reducing gas emissions, and providing efficient transportation for visitors during Ramadan, the project aims to create a more sustainable and convenient environment around the Prophet’s Mosque.

Fleet of 200 Modern Buses

To realize these objectives, the Madinah Region Development Authority has established a fleet of 200 modern buses. These buses are specifically designed to transport visitors to significant religious sites in Madinah during the holy month of Ramadan. The introduction of these buses is expected to streamline transportation, ensuring a smoother experience for both residents and pilgrims.

Shuttle Routes and Dedicated Stations

The authority has meticulously planned and implemented seven shuttle routes for transportation to and from the Prophet’s Mosque. Additionally, there is a dedicated station for transportation to Quba Mosque, a significant religious site in Madinah. This thoughtful arrangement not only aims to ease the movement of people but also provides a structured and organized approach to transportation services during the busy Ramadan period.

Operational Details and Extended Service

The Madinah Buses project is designed to operate efficiently during the crucial times of the day. The shuttle service will run from 3 pm until one hour after the Tarawih prayer, ensuring that visitors have convenient access to transportation services during key prayer times. Notably, during the last 10 days of Ramadan, the service will extend until half an hour after the Qiyam prayer, catering to the increased activity during this spiritually significant period.

Key Routes and Destinations

The established bus routes cover essential areas around Madinah, connecting visitors to prominent religious and cultural sites. These include stops at the Sports Stadium, Durrat Al-Madinah, Sayed Alshuhda’, The Islamic University, AlKhaldiha Neighborhood, and Bani Harithah. Each stop is strategically chosen to facilitate easy access to places of significance, ensuring a comprehensive and well-connected transportation network.

Facilitating Environmental Sustainability

Beyond the convenience factor, the Madinah Buses project also contributes to environmental sustainability by aiming to reduce gas emissions. The shift towards public transportation aligns with broader global efforts to create greener and more sustainable urban environments, reflecting a commitment to responsible and eco-friendly practices.

Upcoming Ramadan and Moon-Sighting Tradition

As per astronomical calculations, Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is anticipated to commence on March 11. However, the exact start date will be confirmed closer to the time based on the traditional moon-sighting practice. The Madinah Buses project, aligning with the spirit of Ramadan, is poised to offer enhanced transportation services that cater to the diverse needs of residents and visitors during this sacred month.


The Madinah Buses project signifies a proactive approach by the Madinah Region Development Authority to enhance the overall experience for residents and visitors during the holy month of Ramadan. By addressing traffic congestion, prioritizing environmental sustainability, and providing efficient transportation services, this initiative aligns with the broader goals of creating a harmonious and well-connected community. As the region prepares for Ramadan, the Madinah Buses project stands as a testament to the commitment to both tradition and innovation in ensuring a smooth and enriching Ramadan experience for all.

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