Amazon Web Services (AWS) Set to Introduce Infrastructure Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Set to Introduce Infrastructure Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading player in the global cloud computing arena, has announced its groundbreaking initiative to launch an AWS infrastructure Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the year 2026. This strategic move aims to provide developers, startups, enterprises, and various sectors, including healthcare, education, gaming, and nonprofit organizations, with a robust platform for running applications and serving end users directly from data centers located within the Kingdom. AWS’s substantial investment of over $5.3 billion in Saudi Arabia underscores its long-term commitment to meeting the escalating demand for cloud services in the region.

Key Objectives of the AWS Infrastructure Region

The new AWS infrastructure Region in Saudi Arabia is designed to address critical challenges and contribute to the Kingdom’s digital transformation:

  1. Enhancing Digital Infrastructure: The AWS Region will facilitate the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey by providing advanced cloud services with high levels of security and resilience.
  2. Data Residency Compliance: By offering local data centers, AWS enables organizations and businesses to keep their content in-country, ensuring compliance with data residency preferences.
  3. Investment Commitment: AWS plans to invest over $5.3 billion in Saudi Arabia, reflecting its confidence in the Kingdom’s potential for technological excellence and innovation.

Amazon Web Services -Expansion Plans and Availability Zones

The AWS Region in Saudi Arabia is set to launch with three Availability Zones, contributing to the existing 105 Availability Zones across 33 global regions. These Availability Zones are strategically positioned to support business continuity, ensuring low latency for high availability applications.

Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

His Excellency Engineer Abdullah Alswaha, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Minister of Communications and Information Technology, expressed enthusiasm for AWS’s initiative, noting that the cloud Region aligns with Vision 2030. This Vision aims to foster research, innovation, and empower entrepreneurs for regional and global prosperity.

Amazon Web Services

Empowering Women in Technology

AWS’s commitment extends beyond infrastructure. The company is launching the “AWS Saudi Arabia Women’s Skills Initiative,” a program in collaboration with Skillsoft Global Knowledge. This initiative seeks to upskill up to 4,000 women on AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, fostering careers in cloud computing and promoting gender diversity in the tech industry.

Education and Upskilling Initiatives

To support the Kingdom’s cloud adoption growth, AWS is scaling its training programs. The “AWS Academy,” “AWS Educate,” “AWS re/Start,” and “AWS Skill Builder” programs will focus on upskilling students, local developers, technical professionals, and non-technical professionals. These initiatives aim to prepare individuals for careers in the cloud, aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Innovation Centers and Technical Mentorship for Startups

AWS plans to establish two innovation centers in Saudi Arabia, providing startups in the Middle East and North Africa with technical mentorship and training in cutting-edge AWS technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Grants will be available to fund graduate student research, fostering innovation in the local ecosystem.

Collaboration with Local Partners and Businesses

Several leading organizations in Saudi Arabia, including Abdul Latif Jameel, Almarai, Almosafer, Al Naghi Group, Mobily, Red Sea Global, and stc Group, have already embraced AWS for driving innovation, cost efficiencies, and operational agility.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Amazon’s broader commitment to sustainability is reflected in AWS’s efforts. Amazon has pledged to reach net-zero carbon across its operations by 2040, aligning with The Climate Pledge. AWS is on track to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, emphasizing its role in fostering environmental responsibility.


AWS’s ambitious plans for Saudi Arabia underscore its recognition of the Kingdom’s potential as a regional technology hub. Beyond offering advanced cloud services, AWS’s commitment to education, upskilling, and fostering innovation aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals. As the Kingdom embraces digital transformation, AWS aims to be a catalyst for growth, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers individuals, businesses, and startups to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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