Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan Fortify Their Energy Relations With a New Plan

Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan Fortify Their Energy Relations With a New Plan

RIYADH: The goal of the meeting between Jurabek Mirzamahmudov of Uzbekistan and Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman, the Saudi Arabian Minister of Energy, was to strengthen the energy cooperation between the two countries.

Following their talks, the two ministers signed an Energy Cooperation Roadmap, which expanded on their cooperation agreement in 2022.

The roadmap outlines plans to improve cooperation in the areas of electricity and renewable energy, stabilise international energy markets, and increase investment opportunities in both nations.

The development of clean and green energy technologies, such as carbon capture and the circular carbon economy, is also emphasised by the roadmap as mutual support. In line with Uzbekistan’s transition to green energy and Saudi Arabia’s substantial investments in the country’s power sector, both nations are dedicated to pooling their knowledge and resources to advance sustainable energy development.

This collaboration promotes global energy stability and sustainability initiatives and fortifies Saudi Arabia’s economic relations with Uzbekistan. The Cooperation Agreement in the field of energy that the two ministers signed in 2022 served as the basis for the Energy Cooperation Roadmap that was signed during their discussions.

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