Saudi Arabia Calls on all Countries to Cooperate in Order to Give Cybersecurity Top Priority

Saudi Arabia Calls on all Countries to Cooperate in Order to Give Cybersecurity Top Priority

Saudi Arabia emphasized that all countries should prioritize bolstering cybersecurity since it is more important than ever to have a secure and stable cyberspace that can support economic growth.

The permanent representative of the Kingdom to the UN, Abdulaziz Al-Wasel, stated that it was time for the international community to unite in their efforts to counter dangers by taking a serious and pragmatic approach, working with the UN. He clarified that this is especially crucial in light of the importance cybersecurity plays in defending nations’ critical interests and national security.

According to a Friday report from the Saudi Press Agency, he made these remarks on Thursday during a UN Security Council discussion regarding emerging cyberthreats under the topic of “maintenance of international peace and security.”

Al-Wasel emphasized the efforts and quick development of the Kingdom’s cybersecurity industry, claiming that it was founded as a component of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan for diversification and national development. He continued, “The industry has grown quickly and dynamically, contributing to the advancement of the field on a national, regional, and international level.”

He noted that the cybersecurity architecture the Kingdom developed, which is under the purview of national authorities, is built on decentralized operability and centralized governance, marking the beginning of its transformative journey. The approach stands out due to its all-inclusive structure that addresses legal, security-focused, economic, and developmental aspects of cybersecurity.

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