Islamist Leader Killed by Israeli Strike, According to a Lebanese Source

Islamist Leader Killed by Israeli Strike, According to a Lebanese Source

According to a security source, an Israeli strike on a vehicle in eastern Lebanon on Saturday killed the leader of the Hamas-aligned Jamaa Islamiya organization in Lebanon.

The potent Hezbollah movement in Lebanon and other organizations affiliated with the Palestinian militants have been exchanging gunfire with Israel across the southern border almost every day since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7.

Ten kilometers (six miles) from the Syrian border, “Ayman Ghotmeh, a leader of the Al-Fajr Forces of the Jamaa Islamiya, was killed in an Israeli strike in Khiara in the western Bekaa,” the source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The armed wing of Jamaa Islamiya, the Fajr Forces, was founded in 1982 to repel the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The organization has taken credit for a number of assaults against Israel, including coordinated actions in Lebanon with Hamas. It is thought to consist of 500 or so men.

Without providing any other information, the state-run ANI news agency in Lebanon stated that one person was murdered when a car was targeted in Khiara. The victim was from the nearby town of Lala.

According to Israel’s military, Ayman Ghotmeh, a terrorist who allegedly provided weapons to Hamas and Jamaa Islamiya in Lebanon, was eliminated by an aircraft carrying out a “precise strike in the Beqaa area in Lebanon.”

According to the Israeli statement, he was targeted because of his “participation in the promotion and execution of terrorist activities against Israel.”

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