Saudi Arabian Wildlife Conservation is Discussed During the First Hima Forum.

Saudi Arabian Wildlife Conservation is Discussed During the First Hima Forum.

RIYADH: On Sunday, the National Center for Wildlife held the inaugural Hima protected areas meeting to discuss conservation initiatives for Saudi Arabia’s wildlife and natural ecosystems.

Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli, the National Center for Wildlife board chairman and minister of agriculture, environment, and water, opened the meeting. The inaugural event in the region, scheduled for April 21–24, draws attendees from both domestic and foreign locations.

Mohammad Qurban, CEO of the National Center for Wildlife, stated, “We are talking about participation from Red Sea Global, AMAALA, and NEOM to work together and deliver conservation efforts.”

Qurban said that having Hima here will combine knowledge, work, and skill to conserve and safeguard natural resources.

Furthermore, he said, the center will showcase a few of the Kingdom’s environmentally sound sustainable practices. One of the center’s initiatives is an excursion in conjunction with academic institutions and learning centers to investigate and research Saudi Arabia’s fauna and landscapes throughout all regions.

Institutions, including the UK’s University of Oxford and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, will take part in the program.

Major local companies and projects are attending the three-day forum, including Red Sea Global, Catmosphere, the Royal Commission for AlUla, and the Imam Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Royal Reserve Development Authority.

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