Senior Gaza Health Official is Killed by Israel, and Tanks Advance More Into Rafah

Senior Gaza Health Official is Killed by Israel, and Tanks Advance More Into Rafah

The director of Gaza’s Ambulance and Emergency Department was killed by an Israeli air attack at a medical clinic in Gaza City, according to the enclave’s health ministry. However, Israel’s military claimed that a top Hamas armed commander was also killed in the hit.

The health ministry reported that with the death of Hani Al-Jaafarawi, there have been 500 medical personnel killed by Israeli fire since October 7. Thus far, at least 300 more people have been imprisoned.

The Israeli military said in a statement that it was targeting Mohammad Salah, claiming he was in charge of creating Hamas’s armaments.

“Salah led several Hamas terrorist squads that worked on weapon development and was involved in a project to develop strategic weaponry for the Hamas terrorist organization,” the statement read.

The United States-backed international mediation efforts have not succeeded in bringing about a ceasefire deal after more than eight months of violence. Israel says it will only consent to short-term fighting pauses until Hamas is destroyed, while Hamas demands that any accord bring an end to the conflict.

Israeli soldiers who had taken over the eastern, southern, and central parts of Rafah, close to the Egyptian border, continued their incursion into the western and northern regions, according to locals who described fierce combat.

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