Shoura Council Meets with High-Ranking Authorities in Tajikistan

Shoura Council Meets with High-Ranking Authorities in Tajikistan

During a recent official visit to Tajikistan, a delegation from the Saudi-Tajik-Uzbek Parliamentary Friendship Committee of the Shoura Council met with high-ranking authorities.

The team met with Tajikistan’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Farrukh Sharifzoda, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dushanbe, under the direction of committee chairman Mohammed Al-Jarba.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the deputy minister greeted the Saudi team, hailing the two nations’ solid diplomatic ties and Saudi Arabia’s leadership in the world.

Al-Jarba confirmed the closeness of the two countries’ relationship while expressing gratitude for the cordial welcome.

The delegation also had meetings with other ministry officials and the minister of culture, Matlubakhon Sattoriyon, during their tour.

Sattoriyon lauded Saudi Arabia’s global leadership and emphasized the significance of the two nations’ deeply ingrained cultural ties.

They talked about collaborating across cultural boundaries and how important it is to highlight both countries’ rich historical legacies. The gathering also looked at potential areas of collaboration in the cultural field.

The delegation went to the Nurek hydroelectric power plant, where they had a meeting with representatives, had a look around the facilities, and were given a rundown of the project’s services, dams, and building stages.

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