Start of The Jordanian-Iraqi Economic Forum at the Dead Sea Resort

Start of The Jordanian-Iraqi Economic Forum at the Dead Sea Resort

AMMAN: On Sunday, the Economic Forum for Financial, Industrial, and Commercial Partnerships between Iraq and Jordan was inaugurated by Jordan’s Minister of Investment, Kholoud Saqqaf.
The forum’s goal is to improve economic relations between the two nations. The Iraqi Business Council and the chambers of commerce in Jordan and Amman jointly organize it.
According to a report by Jordan News Agency, the forum, which is taking place at the King Hussein Convention Centre near the Dead Sea, is the biggest regional event aimed at promoting economic cooperation between Iraq and Jordan.

The two-day event will facilitate economic connectivity and foster cross-sector collaboration to promote regional integration. The discussion topics will include potential commercial and industrial ventures, economic modernization programs, investment opportunities in Jordan and Iraq, and prospects for Jordan’s free and development zones. The chief of staff of the Iraqi president, Kamel Dulaimi, as well as ministers from Jordan and Iraq, business executives, investors, and representatives from Arab and international corporations are among the notable attendees.

Conversations are anticipated to center on the banking industry’s contribution to financial assistance, showcasing achievements from investment firms in both nations.
A dedicated session will address investment opportunities across different economic domains, explicitly concentrating on mining and industry.

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