Swedish Envoy Embraces Cultural Sensitivity by Dressing Traditionally

Swedish Envoy Embraces Cultural Sensitivity by Dressing Traditionally

RIYADH: Petra Menander, the Swedish ambassador to Saudi Arabia, emphasized the significance of her traditional Swedish attire as she gave Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman her credentials.

She told Arab News, highlighting the same cultural heritage of the two Kingdoms, “I feel at home because I really connect with people; I think we all build a lot on trust.” We may be vastly different from one another as kingdoms and nations, but despite this, I feel like we have a lot in common as people we just want to be accurate and honest.”

It’s a really festive event but it’s also extremely important because it’s when I become the complete ambassador to the Kingdom, so it was a unique and prestigious moment because it was at the palace and there were guards present, she said.

“My official credentials are, of course, a letter from my head of state to the Saudi head of state, and only then do I become an ambassador.”

The crown prince accepted Menander’s credentials, along with those of ambassadors-designate from the US, Ukraine, South Africa, Zambia, and Canada, on behalf of King Salman.

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