KSrelief Etaam Project Benefits Over a Million People in Eighteen Countries.

KSrelief Etaam Project Benefits Over a Million People in Eighteen Countries.

RIYADH: With its food basket distribution program in Etaam, Saudi Arabia, through its charity agency KSrelief, it is boosting food security throughout Ramadan. The initiative has already reached over 1 million individuals in 18 countries by providing 195,583 baskets with necessary food products.

The Etaam project is among several humanitarian projects the institute has conducted to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged people globally. As part of the Etaam initiative, KSrelief recently delivered 500 food baskets to 2,500 people in Podgorica, Montenegro.

KSrelief distributed 185 food baskets in the Albanian city of Korce, helping 925 people from 185 households. The project intends to provide 5,300 food baskets in 35 governorates in Albania.

2,000 people profited from 400 food baskets that KSrelief distributed to low-income families in Bangladesh, while 6,000 people benefited from 1,000 food baskets distributed to families in the Afghan province of Nangarhar. The Saudi relief facility also helped 7,083 people by distributing 1,593 food baskets to needy families in Gezira State, Sudan. Additionally, KSrelief sent 1,710 food baskets to 9,832 persons in the State of River Nile. Since its inception in 2015, KSrelief has reached 98 countries, implementing 2,829 humanitarian projects valued at more than $6.5 billion that have benefitted millions.

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