The US Experiences Saudi Culture Through the Ramadan Bazaar.

The US Experiences Saudi Culture Through the Ramadan Bazaar.

Riyadh: At its Washington, DC, headquarters, the Saudi cultural attaché’s office in the US celebrated a colorful Ramadan bazaar, bringing the month-long festival to life.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the well-liked bazaar gathered large numbers of Saudi clubs, families, students, and local community members looking to experience the customs of the holy month firsthand. Envisioning the vibrant ambiance of domestic Ramadan markets, the location was a flurry of stalls offering traditional Saudi apparel, accessories, textiles, home items, and delectable snacks.

Kids may amuse themselves in designated play areas, and Saudi student clubs display their artistic Ramadan-themed crafts.

A spectacular iftar dinner, complete with sweet treats and cool drinks, was served, filling the air with the aromas of traditional Saudi foods. Organizing events such as these exposes the American community to our rich Ramadan culture,” the department head of cultural and social affairs, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Turki, stated.

It is an essential means of promoting collaboration and social cohesiveness among Saudi students, particularly during the holy month, alleviating feelings of alienation, and promoting integration.

Al-Turki also praised the crucial part that volunteers and student clubs played in planning the occasion. During a tour of King Abdullah Hall, attendees were taken on a historical journey through Saudi Arabia’s past, learning about the Kingdom’s efforts to serve the Two Holy Mosques. Interactive cultural competitions enhanced the friendly family environment.

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