US Envoy to Yemen to address Red Sea Assaults in Saudi Arabia and Oman

US Envoy to Yemen to address Red Sea Assaults in Saudi Arabia and Oman

LONDON: The US State Department said on Monday that the US special envoy for Yemen will be traveling to Saudi Arabia and Oman this week to discuss the recent attacks on ships in the Red Sea and other waterways by the Houthi militia, which have caused disruptions to international maritime activity.

“To discuss the need for an immediate cessation of Houthi attacks in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, which are undermining progress on the Yemen peace process and the delivery of humanitarian assistance to Yemen and other countries in need,” it continued, Tim Lenderking will meet with officials in Riyadh and Muscat. Beginning in November, the Houthi campaign of missile and drone attacks targeted Red Sea ships. The group has stated that they plan to exert pressure.

In response, the US and the UK launched airstrikes against Houthi locations in Yemen to stop the group from jeopardizing international trade and compromising freedom of navigation.

As to the statement released by the State Department, “the United States remains firmly committed to supporting a durable peace in Yemen and alleviating the complex humanitarian and economic crises harming the Yemeni people.”

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