UN Delegation Learns About Saudi Arabia’s landmine Removal Efforts in Yemen

UN Delegation Learns About Saudi Arabia’s landmine Removal Efforts in Yemen

Riyadh: At the project’s headquarters in Aden, UN representatives recently met with the managing director of Saudi Arabia’s landmine removal initiative, Project Masam.

In his discussions with Charles Frisby, an adviser on mine action for the UN Office for Project Services, and Javed Habibullah, a specialist, Ousama Al-Gosaibi emphasized the locations with the highest concentration of mines and their catastrophic effects on communities.

Al-Gosaibi stated that coordinated actions were necessary to force the Houthis, who are supported by Iran, to desist from placing explosive devices and to adhere to international humanitarian law by supplying maps showing their locations.

He informed Frisby and Habibullah about the project’s recent accomplishments in Yemen, which were made possible by cooperation with the Yemen Executive Mine Action Center and the support of Yemeni nationals. Al-Gosaibi further mentioned that media outlets were notified about project operations every week. Frisby commended the effective and well-coordinated efforts of Project Masam teams in removing mines, protecting civilians in Yemen, and removing the aftermath of conflict. He said: “Yemen is confronting a dire crisis marked by mines, IEDs (improvised explosive devices), and the remnants of conflict

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