The Foreign Minister of Finland Talks about Deepening Ties With Saudi Arabia

The Foreign Minister of Finland Talks about Deepening Ties With Saudi Arabia

Finland’s Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen talked about Saudi-Finnish relations, the state of Palestine being recognized, and the findings of the 2024 World Happiness Report, which placed the Nordic nation at the top for the seventh consecutive year, in an interview with Arab News.

“I believe that our trade relations have been strengthening for a while now, and we have paid particular attention to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plans,” Valtonen said to Arab News.

“Finland and our fantastic companies have a big part to play in the implementation, especially in bringing expertise,” she continued.

The foreign minister listed as possible areas of collaboration “water usage, energy technologies, renewable energies, and high-end technologies like critical infrastructure, 5.5G, 6G, artificial intelligence, and quantum.”

Valtonen said, “There’s quite a bit we can do, together.”

She continued, “We can do so much more in the future, but we are already doing quite a bit.” “We are eager to address all of the geopolitical challenges we face with Saudi Arabia as a reliable partner.”

“Finland is always a staunch supporter of human rights, and the role of women, and that’s also something which we would like to partner up with… in relation to trade and all the other, positive relationships we have with Saudi Arabia,” Valtonen said, addressing other significant areas of bilateral relations.

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