The Saudi National Center for Wildlife Establishes the Ibex Protected Area Supervisory Council

The Saudi National Center for Wildlife Establishes the Ibex Protected Area Supervisory Council

The Saudi Press Agency said that the first monitoring council for the Ibex protected area, which includes the governorates of Howtat Bani Tamim and Al-Hariq, was established by the Saudi Arabian National Center for Wildlife in partnership with the Riyadh Region Municipality.

According to a news release from NCW, the program intends to involve local communities and other stakeholders in order to improve management methods inside the protected area and bring them into compliance with international standards.

Mohammed Qurban, CEO of NCW, emphasized the significance of the project.

“For the purpose of improving protection programs and preserving biodiversity within the protected area, the establishment of the council empowers our neighboring community to provide ideas and suggestions,” the speaker stated.

The protected region is an extension of the Tuwaiq mountains, including around 1,841 square kilometers.

A wide range of fauna, including the Arabian oryx, Arabian wolf, rock hyrax, and several bird species like lappet-faced vultures, bustards, and eagles, may be found in the Ibex protected area.

Global best practices promote local involvement in protected areas to protect and maintain natural resources, promoting sustainable resource management and enhancing community ties to these environments.

Qurban stated, “Partnering with the community ensures the sustainable use of our natural resources by promoting operational excellence, governance, and efficiency.” “This relationship is essential, bringing great significance to future generations, supporting conservation initiatives, and fostering environmental consciousness among the community’s citizens.”

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