Top 10 Business Leaders Making Waves in 2024

Top 10 Business Leaders Making Waves in 2024

The business world keeps evolving – with new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Certain visionary leaders shape the realm of business by navigating and redefining complexities altogether. These individuals are not only driving their companies forward but are also setting new benchmarks for innovation, sustainability, and global impact. As we explore the top 10 business leaders making waves this year, we delve into their exceptional journeys and the incredible amount of influence they have across industries.

Top 10 Business Leaders Revolutionizing 2024

Below are the top 10 business leaders, who, according to us, are revolutionizing their industries and aare going to bring new changes in 2024. Let’s get into details!

1.   Shanker Pisupati  | Leading the Charge in Transformative Technology Solutions

shanker pisupati - top 10 business leaders

In world business dynamics, while some leaders are known by their titles, others are recognized for their innovative actions and strategies that shape the future. Shanker Pisupati is one such leader, recently appointed as the CEO of Edvenswa for the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. His role at Edvenswa is not merely about geographic expansion but about redefining the intersection of technology and business strategy. Pisupati’s forward-thinking approach enhances core operations by integrating the latest technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation. This strategic infusion has elevated the organization’s operational efficiencies and positioned it at the forefront of digital innovation.

With a keen eye for trends and a strong understanding of technology’s transformative power, Pisupati is establishing Edvenswa as a significant player in the regions it operates. The company stands to benefit from markets undergoing technological revolutions, such as Saudi Arabia with its Vision 2030. This country is a critical part of Edvenswa’s strategy under Pisupati’s leadership. Vision 2030 aims to overhaul the economic and social infrastructure of the nation, presenting an unparalleled opportunity. Pisupati has capitalized on this by aligning Edvenswa’s technological offerings with Vision 2030’s goals, leading the transformation of the kingdom and actively shaping its digital future. This alignment has positioned Edvenswa at the center of regional developments, with the potential to influence how technology is utilized for economic and social growth.

Beyond technology, Pisupati’s leadership is defined by a global perspective and adaptive strategy. Having navigated various market dynamics across continents, he brings a rich and diverse viewpoint to his role. This global outlook is essential as Edvenswa contends with varying economic, regulatory, and market maturity levels worldwide. Pisupati’s ability to adapt and tailor strategies to local environments while maintaining a cohesive global strategy underscores his strategic acumen. His leadership style is also grounded in the principle of sustainable growth, ensuring that Edvenswa’s expansion is both profitable and aligned with broader societal goals. This meticulous approach to innovation focuses on contributing positively to communities and markets, extending his leadership impact beyond business metrics to setting new standards in corporate responsibility and ethical technology deployment.

Shanker Pisupati’s visionary leadership is transforming Edvenswa and redefining the future of technology-driven business strategies worldwide. As he continues to drive innovation and sustainability, Edvenswa is poised to remain at the forefront of the global digital landscape, setting benchmarks for others to follow.

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2.   Naif Bin Mohammed, Engr. B.Arch, Msc.MEAM, CFM, SCE | Visionary Leader in Healthcare Facility Management

naif bin mohammed - top 10 business leaders

Engr. Naif Bin Mohammed, VP of Support Services Administration, is at the forefront of transforming healthcare facilities across the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. His role is pivotal in aligning operations with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, enhancing non-medical service levels to meet international standards. His leadership in the construction, management, and enhancement of healthcare facilities has markedly improved patient experiences and operational efficiency.

Engr. Naif has a storied career recognized by numerous executive leaders for his exceptional performance and leadership skills. With a Master’s Degree in Maintenance Engineering Asset Management from the University of Manchester, he is a revered figure in engineering and technical management. His professional ethos is characterized by passion, empathy, professionalism, and a steadfast commitment to fairness and equality.

One of his signature achievements includes leading the design and execution of a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, which has set a benchmark in patient care and facility management. He also spearheaded a cost-effective maintenance program that significantly reduced equipment downtime, and he developed a comprehensive training program for staff that enhanced their operational competencies.

As the Vice President of the Eastern Health Cluster, he has been instrumental in integrating 22 hospitals and around 133 health clinics under one efficient administrative umbrella. He notes, “Under the Ministry of Health, in alignment with the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, we’ve transitioned to a world-leading, human-centered care organization.”

Engr. Naif is also a co-founder and board member of the Saudi Facility Management Association (SFMA) and serves as a consultant for the Saudi Council of Engineers. His commitment to mentorship and education is evident as he nurtures young professionals to embrace challenges and drive positive change in the region’s facility management and engineering sectors. Reflecting on the hurdles to success, he once remarked, “The main challenge between you and success is yourself. Beat the odds, beat that part of you that’s pulling you back.”

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3.   Anthony Joseph Abou-Jaoude | Real Estate Visionary and Entrepreneurial Luminary

anthony joseph abou-jaoude - top 10 business leaders

Anthony Joseph Abou-Jaoude’s journey from a modest beginning in Lebanon to becoming a real estate titan in Dubai epitomizes the essence of entrepreneurial spirit and resilience. At 29, he relocated to Dubai with dreams bigger than his pockets, started his career in brokerage in 2014 Anthony quickly stood out from the crowd and quickly made a name to himself, founded Prime stay holiday homes in 2019, which has become a hallmark of excellence in short-term rental accommodations and evolved to include comprehensive property management and interior design services.

Under his leadership, Primestay was recognized as the fastest-growing and most innovative company in 2022 and 2023. Anthony himself has accrued staggering career sales with total closings of AED5.5 billion, earning him accolades such as the Middle East CEO of the Year 2023 in Hospitality and ranking among the top 30 brokers of all time in Dubai. Reflecting on his success, Anthony states, “Each milestone in my career has been a stepping stone towards redefining industry standards and exemplifying what it means to truly lead in the competitive world of real estate.”

top 10 business leaders

Beyond his real estate ventures, Anthony has launched Prime Cleaning, Prime Interior, and Prime Furnishings, alongside Anthony Joseph Consultancy. His educational contributions include authoring Amazon bestsellers “Take Charge” and “Take Action” and founding the Take Charge Real Estate Academy. His digital presence as host of the ‘Dubai Stars’ and ‘AJ Podcast’ has garnered over 600,000 downloads, spreading his insights and inspiring stories of success.

Anthony Joseph Abou-Jaoude’s narrative is not just about personal achievements but also about inspiring and shaping the entrepreneurial landscape, proving that relentless determination and visionary thinking can indeed pave the way to unprecedented achievements.

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4.   Ameen Ahsan M | Strategy Advisor | Competitiveness, Growth & Continuity

ameen ahsan m - top 10 business leaders

Entrepreneurs and businesses often focus on the effectiveness of their employees and managers, rarely questioning the quality of their own leadership or the decisions they make regarding competitiveness, growth, or continuity. This niche is expertly addressed by business strategist Ameen Ahsan, who specializes in enabling entrepreneurs to make tough business decisions concerning market competitiveness, growth strategy execution, and laying down the foundations for business continuity, particularly in family businesses. He also excels in restructuring partners and boards to enhance their effectiveness over time.

Ameen Ahsan believes that entrepreneurs should be “only making right decisions.” Everything else can be delegated to managers or even outsourced. Engaging in activities beyond decision-making is stepping into the role of an employee or contractor, which ultimately distracts the entrepreneur from their core functions. This might sound strange, but Ameen Ahsan challenges business leaders to reflect on how many quality decisions they have made recently. The realization that they were “busy” with work that could have been delegated might be surprising.

Ameen Ahsan is an alumnus of the prestigious Exeter University and has more than two decades of experience serving businesses and entrepreneurs across the GCC and Kerala, India. He is based in the UAE and is the founder of AASC Management Consultancies Co LLC in Dubai, and Ameen Ahsan Strategy Consulting in India.

Ameen Ahsan shares useful business insights related to Leadership Effectiveness, Competitiveness, Growth, and Continuity on his social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He also has thousands of entrepreneurs as members in his WhatsApp groups and community.

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5.   Sulaiman Alkhateeb | Visionary Nano-Technology Engineer and Diplomatic Liaison

Sulaiman Alkhateeb - top 10 business leaders 1

Sulaiman Alkhateeb, a distinguished Nano-Technology engineer from Japan, is pivotal in advancing Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, specializing in sectors like Renewable Energy and Diplomatic Affairs. His role was spotlighted during King Salman’s visit to Japan, where he skillfully coordinated and translated for the royal delegation, enhancing Saudi-Japanese relations.

A board member with substantial influence in both private and public sectors, Sulaiman has been instrumental in integrating advanced Japanese technologies into Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure, significantly boosting the country’s tech-driven growth. “Introducing cutting-edge technologies to Saudi Arabia not only propels our technological advancement but also strengthens our strategic international alliances,” Sulaiman comments on his contributions.

In addition to his technical and diplomatic endeavors, Sulaiman is a successful entrepreneur in real estate and tourism, driven by a commitment to sustainable development. His professional credentials are bolstered by certifications from prestigious programs, including the Salam National Program and as an energy manager, underscoring his dedication to environmental sustainability.

Sulaiman’s linguistic skills in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, along with his global connections, make him a valuable international consultant. His work ethic and visionary leadership have established him as a leading figure in engineering and diplomacy, continually driving forward Saudi Arabia’s global initiatives and sustainable practices.


6.   Carine Jamous | Trailblazer in Global Employment Solutions

carine jamous - top 10 business leaders 2024

Carine Jamous is dedicated to reducing global unemployment through her expert CV/resume writing services, which have helped over 3,000 job seekers secure positions in international markets including the UAE, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and France. With a profound goal to combat unemployment, Carine leverages her expertise in human resources and recruitment to connect individuals with meaningful job opportunities.

With more than five years of experience in HR, Carine has perfected her skills in both traditional and technical recruitment, serving in agencies and in-house roles across several industries within the Middle East and GCC countries. Her success in placing top talent in multinational companies and startups has cemented her reputation in the recruitment sector.

Carine’s passion for HR goes beyond recruitment; she actively promotes workplace diversity, inclusion, and gender equality. Reflecting on her motivations, Carine says, “I am deeply committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s not just about filling positions; it’s about advocating for equitable opportunities for all.”

Educationally equipped with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance Sciences from Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (USJ), Carine’s academic background robustly supports her professional endeavors. This comprehensive education enables her to provide services that are sophisticated, culturally informed, and exceptionally effective.

Carine Jamous continues to influence the employment landscape by striving to reduce unemployment rates significantly. She remarks, “My vision is clear: to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity on a global scale, and in doing so, help revitalize economies and enrich communities.” Her efforts not only assist individuals in achieving their career aspirations but also play a crucial role in driving economic growth across various regions.

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7.   Mohamed Helal | Strategic Finance Visionary and Corporate Leader

mohamed helal - top 10 business leaders sfr

Mohamed Helal, serving as Group CFO and Senior Vice President of Finance and IT, is a recognized leader in strategic finance, steering growth and risk mitigation for Al Watania for Industries across the MENA region. His extensive experience includes 31 years of shaping financial strategies that enhance profitability and operational efficiency.

Helal remarks, “Driving growth and mitigating risks through strategic financial planning are the cornerstones of my approach to corporate leadership.” His expertise spans financial forecasting, competitive analysis, and the management of complex financial systems. He holds an MBA in Financial Management and certifications such as CMA and CTP, which bolster his role as a top-tier financial strategist.

His tenure as CFO at Al Watania for Industries highlights his ability to transform financial operations, thereby enhancing growth and liquidity. “In my role, I’ve led the financial transformation of our organization, optimizing strategies that align with our ambitious growth goals,” Helal shares.

As a thought leader, Helal has been recognized among the Top 50 KSA CFOs, also nominated as Global 200 power leaders in finance 2024 and is a frequent speaker at major finance conferences worldwide, including the CFO Riyadh Vision & Innovation Summit and the World Finance Forum in Dubai.

Helal’s leadership philosophy is clear: “Effective financial management involves crafting strategies that drive not only business success but also sustainable industry innovation.” His work continues to influence financial practices and leadership in the global business landscape.

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8.   Mohammad Alsaadany | 2024 Marketing Personality of the Year

mohammad alsaadany - top 10 business leaders

Mohammad Alsaadany is a talented and accomplished Marketing Director renowned for his expertise in marketing automation and digital transformation across various industries, including retail, pharma, consumer, IT, media, sports, healthcare, and consulting. A key milestone in his career was the creation of a successful educational show on STARZPLAY, often referred to as the “Netflix of Arabia”.

He has also made significant contributions as a guest speaker at prestigious events and universities such as ESLSCA University and the 7th MEA Corporate AI and Analytics Summit. His recognition as a Top 200 Global Power Leader in Marketing and Communications by White Page International UK in 2023 underscores his influence and leadership in the field.

top 10 business leaders

In addition to his speaking engagements and achievements, Mohammad has held pivotal roles, including Head of Marketing and Head of Digital Transformation at multinational companies. He successfully launched two startups focusing on AI and SaaS models, expanding their global presence.

His innovative work has been featured in prominent publications such as Al Ahram Newspapers in Egypt, UK Herald and The London Journal in the UK, and the Executives Diary Journal in the USA.

Currently, Mohammad is launching a startup with a unique business model that integrates market research with marketing automation, particularly targeting the consumer healthcare and retail sectors and expanding to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

LinkedIn | Website | @Alsaadany

9.   Hasan Aljawad | Head of Partnerships and Startup Innovator

hasan alkawad - top 10 business leaders

Hasan Aljawad, alongside his brother Hashim, co-founded Kaffeen in 2018, an innovative on-demand coffee pick-up app that revolutionized how consumers interact with cafes. Reflecting on this venture, Hasan states, “Starting Kaffeen was about transforming the coffee pickup experience. Our success and subsequent acquisition in 2022 proved the power of simple, user-focused solutions in the tech space.”

Today, Hasan serves as the Head of Partnerships at MIS Pay, a leading BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) company. In this role, he is dedicated to fostering strategic growth through robust vendor relations and innovative partnership proposals. His primary mission is to elevate the company’s position in the competitive fintech space, leveraging his deep expertise in technology sales to forge meaningful alliances that drive mutual success.

Hasan’s previous tenure at COFE App was instrumental in shaping his skills in sales leadership and business development, significantly contributing to the app’s market expansion. “My experiences at COFE App were crucial in developing my abilities in vendor management and proposal crafting, skills that I now apply to advance MIS Pay’s interests in the dynamic BNPL sector,” he explains.

He passionately encourages aspiring entrepreneurs, stating, “Have faith in your ideas and strive to drive positive change. The journey is about making impactful decisions that not only advance your business but also contribute to the industry at large.”

Hasan Aljawad’s strategic approach and visionary leadership continue to make a significant impact in the fintech industry, positioning him as a key player in shaping the future of BNPL and partnership strategies.


10. Nivine Issa | Environmental Pioneer and Sustainable Development Leader

nivine issa - top 10 business leaders

Lastly, an exceptional leader comes to mind when discussing the top 10 business leaders making waves in 2024: Nivine Issa. Founder and Managing Director of Terra Nexus, Nivine is a distinguished environmental expert and business leader with over 13 years of experience in consulting. Her achievements in the built environment and infrastructure sectors earned her the title of Construction Week Middle East’s Female Leader of the Year in 2022.

Under Nivine’s leadership, Terra Nexus is committed to embedding sustainable development principles deeply within regional projects. The company, which she envisioned as a comprehensive environmental firm, is rapidly gaining recognition for its technical and advisory excellence. Nivine emphasizes, “At Terra Nexus, we operate under the principle of ‘Building with Nature,’ ensuring that our projects not only comply with environmental standards but also contribute positively to the ecosystem.”

Her entrepreneurial journey showcases a robust flair for business development and people management. With her deep expertise and visionary leadership, Nivine is driving Terra Nexus to reshape environmental consulting across the region.

Beyond her business endeavors, Nivine is dedicated to empowering women in the environmental sector. She fosters an inclusive culture that not only elevates female professionals to leadership roles but also enriches the industry with diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. Reflecting on this commitment, Nivine states, “Empowering women in the environmental field is crucial for fostering diverse solutions and driving innovation, which are essential for the sustainable development of our communities and industries.”

Nivine Issa’s work at Terra Nexus and her dedication to promoting female leadership in environmental consulting make her a pivotal figure in advancing sustainable development and gender equality in the industry.

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Entrepreneurship in 2024: Top 10 Business Leaders

The entrepreneurial landscape of 2024 is characterized by unprecedented disruption and opportunity, steered by the top 10 business leaders who are setting new standards in various industries. From the rapid adoption of digital technologies to the prioritization of sustainability and inclusivity, today’s business environment, shaped by these top 10 business leaders, demands agility and foresight.

Entrepreneurs are not merely chasing profits but are pioneering solutions that address global challenges while driving economic growth. This year, entrepreneurship, as demonstrated by the top 10 business leaders we mentioned, embodies resilience, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to shaping a future that is both prosperous and purpose-driven.


In conclusion, the stories of these top 10 business leaders underscore a broader narrative of resilience, innovation, and visionary leadership in 2024. Their contributions not only reflect individual success but also signal larger shifts in global business paradigms.

As we look ahead, the influence of these top 10 business leaders promises to redefine industries, inspire new generations of entrepreneurs, and chart a course towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. The transformative power of entrepreneurship, led by these top 10 business leaders, is driving positive change and shaping the business landscape of tomorrow.

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