Hezbollah Attacks Israel with Missiles After a Fighter is Killed

Hezbollah Attacks Israel with Missiles After a Fighter is Killed

A day after the group’s commander delivered an enraged speech, Hezbollah claimed to have launched “dozens” of rockets into northern Israel on Thursday in retribution for a deadly strike in south Lebanon.

Since the Palestinian terrorist group’s attack on Israel on October 7, which sparked a conflict in the Gaza Strip, Israel and Hezbollah, a potent Lebanese force associated with Hamas, have engaged in almost daily cross-border gunfire.

As Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened the neighboring island nation of Cyprus if it opened its airports to Israel on Wednesday, raising fears of a regional conflict, he issued a warning that “no place” in Israel would be spared in the event of an all-out war against his party.

Hezbollah stated on Thursday that fighters hit an Israeli barracks “with dozens of Katyusha rockets” “in response to the assassination that the Israeli enemy carried out in the village of Deir Kifa.”

An “enemy drone” attacked a car in the Deir Kifa neighborhood of south Lebanon, according to the official National News Agency (NNA) of Lebanon, reporting one death.

Hezbollah declared the death of one of their fighters. He was murdered in the Deir Kifa strike, an anonymous source close to the organization informed AFP.

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