A Seasoned Leader Of The Hospitality Industry: Amit Gurung

A Seasoned Leader Of The Hospitality Industry: Amit Gurung

The ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry demands a flexible and informed leader who can well-adapt to the changes, and Amit Gurung is an emerging leader of similar acumen. With an accumulated expertise of 19 years in the Hospitality Industry, he brings a wealth of expertise across various key roles. Amit currently heads as the Director of Operations at a hospitality firm and is poised to make a positive change in this field.

Genesis Of Amit’s Professional Journey

Every professional journey has its set of challenges, which shape the future path. Amit is no exception in this case and faced inevitable hurdles, but with strong perseverance, he crafted his current position overcoming them.

Amit Gurung reflects, “Growing up in Ranchi, India, I faced challenges that fueled my determination to succeed. At DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, I balanced academics with my passion for football, representing multiple teams, including the Under-19 Bihar Team, the Ranchi District Team, and the SAIL team. Football has played a crucial role in my life as it taught me discipline, persistence, and a goal-focused mindset, and I learned valuable lessons in leadership, teamwork, and resilience. I always aimed for greater achievements, never settling for small desires.”

However, moving to Delhi for higher education presented Amit with new challenges such as adapting to the city’s competitive academic environment and managing high living costs. Despite being far from his parents, Amit thrived and excelled in football, representing Delhi University twice in the All India University Competition. Additionally, he played for Durand Cup and Delhi League for Shastri Club, effectively balancing his academic workload with sports, and improving his time management and organizational skills.

“Despite my busy schedule, which included academic and athletic commitments, I became interested in the hospitality sector during my training at Taj Sats Delhi. Despite receiving advice to reconsider, I remained dedicated to pursuing this path due to my passion for its dynamic nature. This resilience and drive have shaped integral aspects of my character and led me to my current position.” He shares.

Addressing Culturally Diverse Team

In the worldwide luxury hospitality sector, cultural diversity presents both challenges and immense opportunities. Amit shares, “My approach is to foster an inclusive environment where every team member feels valued and respected. At various esteemed establishments such as the Oberoi, Radisson, and Taj Group of Hotels in India, Elite Resort and Spa in Bahrain, Zulal Wellness Resort in Qatar, and the Palaces project and Operations in Qatar, I have led teams composed of individuals from a myriad of cultural backgrounds.”

Amit Gurung lets us know that, at the Oberoi, Radisson, and Taj Group of Hotels, Amit worked with a diverse team of professionals, which enriched their service delivery. They held regular cultural sensitivity training sessions to promote mutual respect and understanding among team members. This initiative promoted respect and understanding among team members, improving communication, and significantly enhancing his team’s ability to cater to an international clientele.

Amit Gurung shares, “At Elite Resort and Spa, I organized cultural sensitivity training sessions to promote understanding and respect among our diverse team. This open dialogue improved team cohesion and enhanced their experience as well. Furthermore, at Zulal Wellness Resort, the fusion of traditional healing practices with modern wellness techniques, required us to understand diverse cultural preferences. Our multicultural team played a crucial role in delivering bespoke wellness journeys for each guest. Embracing cultural diversity allowed us to create a unique and enriching experience that resonated with a global audience.

While managing the Palaces project in Qatar, I led a team with diverse cultural backgrounds. The success of the project relied on collaboration and inclusivity. Accordingly, I implemented comprehensive training programs to ensure cultural sensitivity and diversity, which improved team dynamics and enabled us to provide culturally attuned services for such a prestigious project.”

Amit’s experience at Oberoi, Radisson, Taj Group, Elite Resort, Zulal Wellness, and Palaces shows that embracing diversity boosts both team performance and guest satisfaction. Through an inclusive environment and open communication, he leverages diversity to create exceptional experiences, setting us apart in luxury hospitality.

Adding The Elements Of Heritage And Local Culture

Adding elements of local culture and heritage in hospitality services is vital for creating authentic and memorable guest experiences in the hotel industry. It is crucial to provide guests with a distinct sense of place that mirrors the local environment and culture.

Amit Gurung reflects, “I have led several cultural immersion programs, including guided tours with historians, cooking classes, and performances by local artists. These activities provide an enriching experience, allowing guests to deeply connect with the local culture. I also advocate for incorporating local architecture and decor in guest rooms and common areas using locally sourced materials. Supporting local artisans and businesses, we offer guests handcrafted souvenirs.

Moreover, partnering with culinary experts, we create menus featuring regional dishes and locally sourced ingredients, promoting sustainable practices and immersing guests in the local culture.”

Amit’s approach seamlessly incorporates local culture and heritage into the guest experience, creating a unique and immersive environment that appeals to authenticity-seeking travelers. This strategy not only boosts guest satisfaction, and fosters loyalty, but also differentiates their properties, and attracts culturally curious guests to choose their hotels.

A Successful Leader: Amit Gurung’s Vision, We asked: Amit Gurung

A good leader can uplift the chances of a company’s success by multiple times. Amit muses, “My leadership style prioritizes innovation and sustainability, pushing boundaries in the competitive hospitality industry. At one project, I introduced eco-friendly cleaning products and a recycling program, impressing eco-conscious guests and building our brand’s reputation and guest loyalty. Despite initial challenges such as higher costs and staff training, I remained committed to my vision.”

Discipline and persistence fostered an unconventional yet rewarding approach for Amit, yielding long-term environmental and financial benefits. Overcoming challenges and upholding high standards has helped him achieve successful project completion despite significant obstacles in the path.

I prioritize sustainability and have a hands-on leadership approach with an open-door policy. Accessibility to my team promotes innovative ideas and ownership of responsibilities. My involvement in daily operations and decision-making supports and empowers my team, fostering a culture of high performance and continuous innovation in the hospitality industry.

I also value cultural sensitivity and diversity, having led teams with individuals from diverse backgrounds at Elite Resort and Spa, Zulal Wellness Resort, and the Palaces project and operations. Implementing cultural sensitivity training sessions facilitated open communication, diverse perspectives, team cohesion, and enhanced service for an international clientele. Embracing diversity enriched the guest experience and improved team dynamics.” He further adds.

Amit’s leadership is defined by a commitment to sustainability, hands-on involvement, cultural sensitivity, technological innovation, discipline, and persistence. These qualities have set new benchmarks in hospitality, aiding Amit’s services to be exceptional in a changing market. By challenging norms and fostering innovation, he leads teams to success and great guest experiences.

Top-Notch Services And Constant Improvement

In a dynamic field like the hospitality sector, offering the best of services is paramount for the success of any business. The luxury hospitality industry demands constant improvement to meet high and evolving guest expectations.

Amit Gurung shares, “To ensure we consistently exceed these expectations, I employ a multifaceted and proactive approach centered on feedback analysis, rigorous auditing, and ongoing staff development.

During my time at esteemed hotels like Oberoi, Taj, and Radisson, I prioritized continuous improvement. I oversaw the implementation of comprehensive training programs and established effective feedback systems to enhance service quality. At Oberoi, we introduced a guest feedback mechanism to quickly address issues and improve services. Similarly, at Taj, we integrated guest feedback with staff training to ensure exceptional service. Radisson maintained high standards through service audits and feedback loops.

At Zulal Wellness Resort, we also focused on feedback. Through post-stay surveys, direct comments, and online reviews, we collected detailed guest feedback. By analyzing this feedback, we identified both strengths and areas for improvement and implemented targeted enhancements. This approach not only resolved issues promptly but also proactively anticipated and mitigated potential problems, ensuring an excellent guest experience.”

Amit Gurung conducted regular service audits that encompassed all aspects of their operations, such as check-in procedures, room cleanliness, dining experiences, and spa treatments. This thorough evaluation allowed for consistent quality standards and the identification of areas for improvement, crucial in maintaining their exceptional service levels.

Amit Gurung further reflects, “Regular training programs were implemented to upgrade staff skills and align them with industry standards and best practices. Topics covered included customer service excellence, cultural sensitivity, and advanced hospitality technologies. This created a culture of continuous learning, empowering staff to deliver exceptional service and adapt to new challenges and guest expectations.

We encouraged open communication and feedback within the team to quickly address internal issues and leverage collective insights for better service strategies. This created an environment conducive to innovation and excellence. For instance, Elite Resort and Spa in Bahrain saw improvements in guest satisfaction scores and repeat visitation rates through regular training, feedback analysis, and service audits. These practices were also successfully integrated into other locations, such as the Palaces project and operations in Qatar, reinforcing the effectiveness of the continuous improvement strategy.

Ensuring constant improvement of service quality involves integrating guest feedback, rigorous auditing, ongoing staff development, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and enhancing service offerings for higher guest satisfaction.

Envisioning The Future

Being a disciplined visionary leader in the field of hospitality, Amit has planned certain priorities for himself that he aspires to achieve. He shares, “In the next decade, my goal is to be an innovative leader in the hospitality industry, focusing on luxury and sustainability. I aim to use advanced technology to improve guest experiences, promote sustainability, and expand luxury hospitality brands globally. Integrating AI and IoT into hospitality systems will optimize efficiency and provide personalized experiences for guests. This integration is crucial for staying competitive and meeting the expectations of modern travelers.

I will prioritize sustainability in all the properties I manage by using sustainable materials, reducing waste, and optimizing energy consumption. This will attract eco-conscious travelers and contribute to a more sustainable future for the hospitality industry. Additionally, I will focus on talent development by establishing training and mentorship programs for hospitality professionals, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Furthermore, I aim to expand luxury hospitality brands globally by exploring new markets, forming strategic partnerships, and creating culturally immersive experiences for a diverse international clientele. My goal is to provide exceptional service and authentic cultural experiences for our guests.”

Finally, Amit Gurung focus is to make a lasting impact on the hospitality industry by setting new benchmarks for luxury, sustainability, and innovation. He shares that he is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and looks forward to leading transformative projects that redefine guest experiences and contribute to the industry’s growth and evolution.

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