Two Daesh Militants are Detained in Iran: Media

Two Daesh Militants are Detained in Iran: Media

TEHRAN: According to local media on Tuesday, Iran detained two suspected members of the Daesh group in the holy city of Qom.
“Two terrorists from the takfiri group Daesh in Khorasan were apprehended in recent days due to the diligent work of intelligence agents in the military and security forces,” Mehr News Agency said.
The word “takfiri” usually refers to extremists or supporters of radical Sunni Islam in Shiite-majority Iran.

The agency did not disclose the two men’s nationalities, but it did release their pictures and mention that they intended to visit one of the most significant religious shrines in the nation, Qom.

Terrorist group Daesh-K, which operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan, claimed responsibility for an extraordinary incident that took place in Moscow on March 22 and left over 140 people dead.
A memorial honoring the memory of Qasem Soleimani, a senior Revolutionary Guards general slain in an American drone strike in Iraq in 2020, was held in the southern Iranian city of Kerman in January when Daesh carried out twin terrorist strikes that left over 90 people dead.

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