95 different countries’ cultures are on display at a festival in Madinah.

95 different countries’ cultures are on display at a festival in Madinah.

RIYADH: According to the Saudi Press Agency, Madinah’s governor, Prince Salman bin Sultan, officially opened the 12th countries Cultures and Peoples’ Festival on Monday. By visiting the pavilions of the participating nations, the governor learned about the festival’s objectives, which include promoting intercultural dialogue, harmony, and understanding.

In addition to supporting discourse, cohabitation, and international peace, the festival fosters teamwork, supports Islamic principles, and improves contact between university students and the local population. The Islamic University of Madinah is hosting the event, which will end on May 6.

Hassan Al-Oufi, the university’s acting president, stated during the inauguration ceremony that more than 100,000 graduates from more than 170 countries had made major contributions to the advancement of their societies and countries of origin.

According to Al-Oufi, the festival gives students from 95 nations a chance to showcase their cultures, customs, and traditions. On the university’s grounds, the festival fosters an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation where East and West come together,” he stated. Representatives from other nations present over forty events and activities for families, kids, and the community.

Celebrations of Saudi coffee, Arabic poetry, tea, and the Year of the Camel 2024 are among the festival’s festivities and activities. In addition, guests can enjoy educational, cultural, and entertainment sectors that provide valuable experiences.

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