First Opera Written by Saudis Premieres in Riyadh

First Opera Written by Saudis Premieres in Riyadh

One of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s incredibly ambitious ambitions to usher in a new era for the kingdom’s social and economic standing was the grand opera, which debuted in Riyadh.

The tale of Zarqa Al Yamama, set in pre-Islamic Arabia, tells the story of a blue-eyed tribal matriarch who can predict the future.

Ivan Vukcevic, the head of Arabian Opera, claims that her community disregards her warnings of impending danger, making this a universally relatable story. The company was founded in Switzerland to advance classical music education and performance throughout the Middle East.

They questioned how Arabic, which is written from right to left, could be incorporated into the left-to-right notation used in Western classical music. However, the standardization of Arabic romanization partly solved the problem.

Australian composer Lee Bradshaw wrote the music, and Saudi poet Saleh Zamanan wrote the Arabic libretto. The brief, as I understood it, was this was to be a Western opera with an influence of Arabic and mainly Saudi music,” Mr Bradshaw says He claimed that the inspiration for the music came from the rhythmic aspect of Mr. Zamanan’s lyrics.

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