The Global Arabic Language Prize registration is now open at King Salman Academy.

The Global Arabic Language Prize registration is now open at King Salman Academy.

RIYADH: The King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language has declared that people and organizations worldwide may now register to win its prize.

The Saudi Press Agency stated that registration ends on June 30 and that there will be prizes totaling approximately SR1.6 million ($427,000).

The award honors the contributions made by people and organizations that support Arabic, encouraging them to continue the language’s growth, maintain its integrity, and create new applications for it.

The academy’s secretary-general, Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Washmi, stated that the award is in line with the academy’s efforts to support Arabic’s status and promote the language both domestically and globally.

Regarding the impending award, he stated, “People and organizations operating in the field will be recognized for their efforts, exceptional people will be honored, loyalty to Arabic will be deepened, and communication between the Arab community members will be improved.

Language-related fields pertaining to Arabic will also be commended for guaranteeing the language’s bright future and keeping it at the top of all languages, as well as for enhancing Arabic knowledge and spreading awareness of our ageless language,” he continued.

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