Qatar introduces a Nationwide Plan to Increase the Share of Renewable Energy Sources.

Qatar introduces a Nationwide Plan to Increase the Share of Renewable Energy Sources.

RIYADH: The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corp. has unveiled a comprehensive plan to increase the use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

To include more renewable energy sources in its energy mix, the utility, also known as Kahramaa, developed the Qatar National Renewable Energy Strategy.

According to a report released by Qatar News Agency, the initiative was created in collaboration with 22 important energy players and is in keeping with Qatar’s commitment to a sustainable future as well as the objectives of the Third Qatar National Development Strategy 2024–2030 and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Qatar is among the top nations with the largest potential for producing this energy, with an annual production of more than 2,000-kilowatt hours per square meter. According to the plan, distributed solar generating will contribute about 200 megawatts of the country’s total projected 4 gigawatts of renewable electricity generation by 2030.

This dispersed strategy will improve the country’s overall energy resiliency, decentralize power generation, and lessen the strain on the centralized infrastructure. The strategy’s introduction represents a significant step toward changing Qatar’s energy landscape because it offers substantial economic, ecology, and security advantages.

The strategy expects to use affordable renewable energy sources to cut the average cost of producing power by 15% by 2030.

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