In a single Week, Saudi Authorities Apprehend 19,050 Lllegals.

In a single Week, Saudi Authorities Apprehend 19,050 Lllegals.

RIYADH: The Saudi Press Agency said on Saturday that 19,050 individuals were detained by Saudi officials in less than a week for violating laws pertaining to employment, residency, and border security.

An official report states that 11,987 persons were detained for breaking residency restrictions, 4,367 for attempting to cross the border illegally, and 2,696 for labor-related offenses.According to the report, out of the 1,011 individuals detained for attempting to enter the Kingdom without authorization, 61% were Ethiopian, 36% were Yemeni, and 3% belonged to other nationalities.

18 of the 24 individuals who were apprehended attempting to enter neighboring countries were detained due to their involvement in the transportation and sheltering of offenders.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, anyone found to be providing transportation or accommodation in order to facilitate unlawful entry into the Kingdom faces a potential 15-year prison sentence, a fine of up to SR1 million ($260,000), and the confiscation of their property and cars.

In Makkah and Riyadh, you can report suspected infractions by calling the toll-free number 911; in other parts of the Kingdom, you can report violations by calling 999 or 996.

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