Saudi Arabia’s Goal for Healthcare and Tourism is highlighted at the Riyadh Forum.

Saudi Arabia’s Goal for Healthcare and Tourism is highlighted at the Riyadh Forum.

RIYADH: According to Saudi Deputy Minister of Investment Transaction Saleh Al-Khabti, the healthcare industry would generate over 245,000 new employment and contribute over $66.6 billion to the Kingdom’s GDP by 2030.

At the Health Tourism Future Forum, which got underway in Riyadh on Sunday, Al-Khabti presented the data during a panel discussion titled “The Kingdom and Vision 2030 as a Global Health Tourism Destination.”

The forum was started by the Health Tourism Club, the Health Tourism Association, and the Global Healthcare Travel Council with the goal of defining objectives and redefining goals for health tourism on a regional and global scale.

The forum is an annual worldwide platform for the health tourism industry to develop future strategies in the Kingdom’s healthcare sector. This year it falls on the eighth anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 announcement. The estimated value of the global healthcare market is $4.4 trillion.

According to Al-Khabti, the National Investment Strategy will play a major role in driving the enormous investment required in the Saudi healthcare industry over the next seven years.Saudi Arabia reached approximately $19 billion in foreign direct investment, a three-fold increase since 2017,” he stated.

According to Health Tourism Association President Ahmed Al-Ouraij, the forum signaled the start of the first initiatives in specialized health tourism.

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