“Saudi Arabia Unveils Digital Transformation Index 2024 Amid Expansion of E-Government Initiatives”

“Saudi Arabia Unveils Digital Transformation Index 2024 Amid Expansion of E-Government Initiatives”

Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards digital innovation with the launch of the latest edition of the Digital Transformation Index (DTI) for 2024. This framework, designed to elevate e-government services and foster technological advancement, reflects the Kingdom’s commitment to embracing digital transformation as a key driver of progress.

Elevating Public Sector Commitment to Technological Evolution

The Digital Transformation Index for 2024 aims to raise the commitment levels of the public sector towards technological evolution. By providing a comprehensive framework for decision-making and directives concerning digital innovation, the index seeks to empower government entities to embrace transformative technologies effectively.

Digital Transformation Index-Improving Quality of E-Government Services

A core objective of the DTI 2024 is to enhance the quality of e-government services offered to beneficiaries. Through rigorous evaluation and refinement of digital service standards, Saudi Arabia aims to provide seamless and efficient services to its citizens, furthering its reputation as a leader in the field of digital governance.

Virtual Workshop Unveils DTI 2024

The unveiling of the 2024 index took place during a virtual workshop organized by the Saudi Digital Government Authority. With over 2,000 specialists from 233 government entities in attendance, the workshop served as a platform to discuss key aspects of the DTI, including measurement methodologies, revisions to core criteria, and the roadmap for the ongoing cycle.

Streamlined Standards and Enhanced Progress

The DTI 2024 reflects revisions to the framework, now comprising 96 standards compared to the previous year’s 125. This streamlined approach underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to continuous improvement and efficiency in digital governance. In 2023, government entities collectively achieved a progress rate of 85.53 percent, with 88 entities advancing to the innovation and integration stages.

Aligning with Vision 2030 Objectives

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Suwaiyan, governor and board member of the Digital Government Authority, emphasized the strategic significance of the DTI in advancing Saudi Arabia’s e-governance objectives outlined in Vision 2030. The initiative aligns seamlessly with the Kingdom’s vision to emerge as a global leader in digital administration, driving digitization, enhancing government performance, and fostering beneficiary satisfaction.

Accelerating Digitalization and Promoting Innovation

The DTI serves as a catalyst for accelerating the pace of digitalization in Saudi Arabia, fostering innovation, and enhancing the quality of life for citizens. By prioritizing technological empowerment and skill development, the Kingdom aims to stay at the forefront of digital transformation, positioning itself as a hub for innovation and technological excellence.

Leading the Way in Digital Services

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to digital excellence is further underscored by its top ranking in the Government Electronic and Mobile Services Maturity Index for 2023. With a high maturity score of 93 percent, the Kingdom maintains its lead for the second consecutive time, reflecting significant progress in delivering key government services online.

Fostering Global Partnerships for Technological Advancement

In line with its vision for technological leadership, Saudi Arabia inaugurated the Industrial Artificial Intelligence Academy in partnership with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority and NVIDIA. This initiative highlights the Kingdom’s efforts to cultivate skilled national talents and pioneer cutting-edge technologies, positioning Saudi Arabia as a global leader in industrial AI.


Saudi Arabia’s commitment to digital transformation is evident in its strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing e-government services, accelerating digital innovation, and fostering global partnerships. Through frameworks like the Digital Transformation Index, the Kingdom continues to lead by example, embracing technology as a cornerstone of progress and prosperity.

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