During the Hajj, the Saudi HR Ministry Encourages Seasonal Labor

During the Hajj, the Saudi HR Ministry Encourages Seasonal Labor

The Saudi Press Agency said on Saturday that the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is still offering Ajeer Al-Hajj and Seasonal Permits services in an effort to promote seasonal employment during this Hajj season.

Facilities are able to provide work licenses and hire Saudi nationals and temporary residents thanks to the Ajeer Al-Hajj service. They can also use the Bab Ajeer platform to post job openings throughout the Hajj season, and job seekers can browse and apply for jobs.

Increasing worker flexibility and market competency, offering adaptable solutions, and decreasing reliance on outside labor are just a few of Ajeer Al-Hajj’s objectives.

Facilities and individuals can readily access the service electronically via the platform’s website. 11,715 licenses were given, and 924 institutions in all profited from the program, according to SPA.

As the ministry has previously worked on providing seasonal permits to facilities under simple and easy terms, the seasonal permits service helps to serve pilgrims by enabling facilities operating during the Hajj season to cover the amount of personnel needed.

According to SPA, 42,853 seasonal work permits were granted for a variety of occupations across several industries.

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