Going Above and Beyond: Hajar Al-Naim on Nurturing Local Film Talent

Going Above and Beyond: Hajar Al-Naim on Nurturing Local Film Talent

It has been a busy month for Hajar Al-Naim, a Saudi film producer who is paving the way for creatives by developing a road map for the region’s burgeoning film industry.

Her company, Studio Production Training, recently made its third appearance at the 77th Cannes International Film Festival in France, expanding its Saudi-centric model to new heights.

After receiving her master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University in the United States, Al-Naim returned to her home country to establish the infrastructure aspiring local and international filmmakers previously lacked in the Kingdom.

Her company, which launched in 2021, connects filmmakers with qualified below-the-line (BTL) talent and support and film crew teams who work behind the scenes on productions. Cinematographers, sound technicians, editors, and makeup, hair, and wardrobe specialists all play essential roles in the film industry. Above-the-line talent includes screenwriters, directors, producers, and the principal cast.

Al-Naim’s custom program at SPT, headquartered in Riyadh, includes training, mentoring, production resources, and industry networking opportunities. “We’re on a mission to build a strong infrastructure for BTL talent in Saudi Arabia,” Al-Naim told Arab News.

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