Saudi Red Crescent Authority Deploys Over 2,500 Personnel Ahead of Hajj

Saudi Red Crescent Authority Deploys Over 2,500 Personnel Ahead of Hajj

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority has deployed 2,540 medical professionals, ambulance technicians, and administrative personnel to nearly 100 ambulance centers in preparation for Hajj 2024.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the move will ensure pilgrims’ well-being and provide high-quality medical care during the upcoming pilgrimage.

The staff will be distributed strategically across 98 ambulance stations, covering entry points, pilgrim routes, and holy sites.

SRCA has dedicated a significant portion of its ambulance fleet to the Hajj mission to improve frontline response.

This includes 320 ambulances, 13 advanced response vehicles, a dedicated air wing of seven ambulances, and two medical evacuation helicopters. It will also include a support fleet of 15 motorcycles, 150 golf carts, 150 electric scooters, 27 electric bicycles, 10 ambulance buses, and other service vehicles.

Translators will be available to assist with ambulance calls, ensuring clear communication for the various medical situations that may arise during Hajj.

More than 595 volunteers will assist the SRCA with ambulance services at various locations while educating pilgrims on important preventive measures to protect their health during Hajj.

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