Health Ministry Recommends Using Sehhaty for Pre-Hajj Vaccinations

Health Ministry Recommends Using Sehhaty for Pre-Hajj Vaccinations

RIYADH: According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has advised anyone planning to perform the Hajj this year to get their vaccinations and register using the Sehhaty app.

Among the necessary immunizations is a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, a dose of the influenza vaccine received this year, and a dose of the meningitis vaccine received within the previous five years. These vaccinations are essential to pilgrims’ health during the Hajj.

According to the ministry, primary health care centres offer vaccinations for domestic pilgrims. Those planning to do the Hajj this year should use the Sehhaty app to make an appointment.

According to the ministry, getting all of your shots before the Hajj is crucial because it involves gathering big groups of people from all over the world to perform rituals in one location, which could expose them to a variety of infectious diseases that are common in some nations. Adhering to health precautions prior to visiting the sacred locations shields pilgrims and service personnel from illnesses that could interfere with Hajj ceremonies. This also guarantees the safety of visitors coming to the Kingdom from overseas.

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